China Glaze Dance Baby & Techno.

Having such a huge array of beauty products, it's extremely hard for me to pin down favourites. I have a hard time choosing as it is but when everything's so sparkly and pretty ... That gets me.

Though I have to say this colour is definitely something I've been wanting for ages and I can't stop staring at my nails.

Now Spring is finally here (you wouldn't think so with the weather) pastels are everywhere. China Glaze's Electropop is no exception and the majority of the polishes are beautiful.

First up I have Dance Baby:

Hit centre stage in a cotton candy pink.

I usually find cremes a bit mehhh. But this is something else. I've been trying to find the perfect pink since forever. They're either too pale or not blue enough. This perfect though it pulls a touch more blue in person.

It glides on and is perfectly opaque in 2 coats. Don't be fooled by the bottle colour, it looks a lot paler than it does on the nails.

A few years back China Glaze released a selection of 'speciality' glitters, Techno was one of them but it's been repromoted with this collection.

One coat of Techno over Dance Baby:

This goes on easily enough though I did find that I had to push the larger pieces of glitter from hanging over the edge of my nail and do some minor cuticle clean up from the chunkier pieces but that's too be expected.

Techno is full of small and large pieces of holographic glitter that dazzles in the light, it's beautiful but then again I love anything shiny. It doesn't leave a gritty finish and with a slick of top coat it's perfectly shiny and smooth.

I actually am in love with Dance Baby and Techno is also wonderful, my new favourite combo. I don't want to take it off.

What Spring colours are you wearing?

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