M.A.C Snob Lipstick.

It took me a long time to delve into M.A.C lippies, I wanted to see them in person before I spent on them as I didn't really like lipsticks before.

Fast forward a couple years and I have a whole ton of them, they are one of my favourite things from M.A.C and when the new collections come out, the first thing I look at is the lipsticks.

My very first lipstick was Snob.

M.A.C describe this as a 'ladylike mauve' which describes it almost perfectly. It's quite pink with just a hint of lilac.

I find that depending on what kind of colours you team with this makes the colour differ. Sometimes it pulls more pink, sometimes more lilac.

You can see it in 4 different looks I've done 1 / 2 / 3 / 4.

Snob is a satin finish which has to be one of my favourite. It glides on with super pigmented coverage in just one swipe across the lips. It's not too drying but if you do suffer with dry lips it's probably best to make sure you use lots of balm before. It simmers down to a semi matte finish after a couple of hours and last for ages.

This definitely began a long love affair with M.A.C lipsticks, especially much coveted limited editions.

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