Collection 2000 Dancing Queen Glam Crystals.

It's no lie that I love glitter. Clue's in the name (and everything else about my blog)!

I've posted about a couple of these Collection 2000 Glam Crystal liners before. I know they've dropped the 2K from their name and are just being known as 'Collection' now but I think that sounds silly.

A while ago I picked up a couple more and here I have Dancing Queen.

Swatched - 1 thin coat, built up, 1 thin coat over Illamasqua Abyss Precision Ink, 1 coat built up over Illamasqua Abyss.

Dancing Queen is a pinky red translucent base with green, blue, orange and pink glitter suspended in it.

What I love about these is not only the wide variety of colours but the staying power is phenomenal. Cue TMI, I went to a gig last year wearing Le Freak and it was probably the hottest, most sweatiest I've ever been in my life. Most of my makeup had melted off besides my glitter liner.

These can be used in a few different ways. Sometimes if I want to liven up a nude eye look, I take a little liner on my finger and work it al over the top of the shadow, giving a glitter finish.

Glam Crystals (or glitter liners in general) can really switch up a plain eye look into something really amazing. I love these and plan to pick up a few more in the future.

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