The Less Glamorous Side To Beauty.

One of the essential things I very rarely see blogged about is deodorant. It's not exactly the most exciting or glam product is it?

I recently came across one that is perfect for everyday wear and will definitely come in handy during the hotter weather (if it ever arrives).

What says:
Dove Maximum Protection is the ideal product for women seeking maximum wetness protection, whilst caring for their underarm skin. It provides scientifically proven protection against wetness and at the same time moisturises underarm skin with Dove 1/4 moisturising cream. It features a signature fragrance to leave you feeling clean, fresh, and beautiful. Dove Maximum Protection – The ultimate combination of protection and beauty.

Finally! A deodorant that does exactly what it says.

The formula isn't something I'd used before I tried this, so it takes some time getting used to it. I'd tried all different kinds of sprays and whatnot before this but this comes out on tops.

I only have to apply this every other day so if you're looking for something really protective, this is it. It comes with a faint, subtle fruity scent so it doesn't interfere with any perfume or body sprays.

Not the nicest thing to do a review on but I thought it might be helpful to some of you. :)