Life Via Instagram #1.

I've been meaning to so one of these posts since I started using Instagram since sometimes it's easier to take photos with my phone rather than lugging around a DSLR (they are damn heavy)!

I thought I'd pop this up until I can get round to scheduling some posts tomorrow.

001 - Nicki Minaj - Pink Friday Roman Reloaded. The one thing I keep going back to currently because I can't stop listening to it, so good. It makes me want to just break out in dance wherever I am, so it's the perfect wakeup for starting work at 5AM.

002 - I finally got my nails to an amazing swatching length, y'all know I hate nubbies on me. My index ended up half breaking but I figured I'd let it slide. Then just a few days ago I broke my middle finger (in a fit of rage) down to nothing. I was pretty upset about it, this was the longest I'd got them on my own. I've had to take them all down to nothing but this gives me a chance to do progress photos of the product I was using. Pictured is China Glaze's IDK. Such a beautiful lilac holo.

003 - I hate regular English milky tea but I've taken a love to flavoured iced tea. It's a healthy and refreshing option. Love love love!

004 - Enjoyed my first bath this side of Christmas. Added a whole ton of Lush's Christmas Candy Mountain and the Snow Fairy Magic Wand thingy. So sweet and relaxing.

005 - I thought I'd fixed my skin care problems until just recently, I hit a stress induced breakout. Hopefully it clears up soon though I want to wear makeup again!

006 - I woke up to 12,000 followers on my Tumblr on Thursday I think? I still get excited every time I just get 1 new one. Seems crazy to me to think that that many people follow me. I mainly use it as a photo dump for anything that catches my eye or inspires me but it's nice to know people stick around for the personal side of it too.

007 - Friday night I'd finally had enough of having a messy room. I felt the overwhelming urge to clean it right out. It was pretty hard going, especially since I couldn't work the hoover properly and had to do my entire room with the hose bit. So worth it though.

008 - I feel like I've forgotten what the sun looks like since it's been so horrible lately. It was nice of it to pop out this weekend though apparently it's not sticking around, rain tomorrow - fab!

009 - I've been feeling a bit down lately, I think you can tell from the lack of being able to sit down and write blog posts. I'm trying to learn to have solace in my own company since I don't have much else. I started a new book on Friday, Before I Die and I was already half way through it yesterday evening. New books, topped with fresh bed sheets is a perfect combination.

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