Weekend Wishlist #1.

There is so much stuff I wish I could have and with a memory like mine it's not long before I've forgotten about it. Until it's too late, usually.

I thought I'd compile little lists of things I'm currently lemming in the hope it will help remind me to buy some!

Lush Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly - Probably one of the only bath products I haven't tried from Lush is their Shower Jellies. How nice does Sweetie Pie look though? It's full of glitter and smells just like the Comforter. You can use this in a bunch of different ways and I really want to try it. It's pretty cheap too at only £2.95 for a 100g pot.

Water Bobble - I'm one of those that definitely doesn't drink enough water. I really don't like tap water so that doesn't help things. I've seen these Water Bobbles pop up on quite a few blogs I read recently, it comes in a few different sizes/colours and the funny thing in the lid? That's a bit in water filter that you change every two months or so. Super handy!

Mulberry Patent Floral Bayswater - For such a long time now I've lusted after a plain black Mulberry Alexa. I was recently browsing the site, just looking at all the beautiful things I can't afford, when I came across this beautiful Bayswater. I know it's not to everyone's taste but I love love love it. It's not currently available but it's coming soon. I'm determined to try and save for it before it disappears, since I'll no doubt be working crazy overtime hours over the Summer. It's good to work towards something.

MUFE HD Foundation - For a long time now I've wanted to try Makeup Forever products but damn they are expensive and then some. This foundation isn't cheap at £29.95 a pop, it would be the most I've ever spent on a foundation. Perhaps when I'm only left with one foundation I'll have to purchase. I've heard nothing but good things about MUFE, especially their HD products.

Dr. Martens - It's weird how Tumblr makes things popular. I'm not saying these weren't popular beforehand but it seems everyone's rocking these at the moment. They come in such a multitude of colours and materials. I had a regular black pair when I was in my mid teens. I've been lemming a pair of the bright red patent Dr. Martens for a little while now and are definitely on my 'need to purchase ASAP' list. As much as I love girlie things like dresses and skirts, my feet hate heels and flats that aren't boring. I mainly wear darker clothes so these would liven up any outfit.

Benefit Hervana Blush Box - Again, something I've admired from a far but never tried before are the Benefit blush boxes. Their newest addition Hervana, is definitely the prettiest they've put out there and I think the swirl pattern is what's made people gravitate towards it. Maybe that's just me though? I'm all for aesthetics of a product. It has a swirl of beige, one of a pinky plum and too peachy colours. It seems to flatter most skin tones, it tends to draw out the warm or cool tones depending on underlying skin tone.

China Glaze Aquadelic - Thought I picked up a couple of the polishes from China Glaze's Electropop collection, the one I wanted and sold out straight away at my Sally's was Aquadelic. Isn't it just the perfect Summery shade? 

Bakery Macarons - I would love nothing more than Ladurée macarons but they're only located in London (in the UK). Boo! No where near to me or in fair travelling distance seems to have them. Which is a shame really, I want to try proper ones.

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