YSL Pink Lingerie Rouge Volupte.

Something I've been long for quite some time is a YSL Rouge Volupte, though I'd heard mixed reviews about the longevity, who can resist such amazing packaging. Shallow, moi? Neverrrr.

Seriously just look at it ...

What www.ysl.co.uk says:
All the magic, refinement and know-how of Yves Saint Laurent can be found in this lipstick which combines pleasure of the senses, bright colours and total comfort. Both light yet rich, its creamy texture becomes fluid on contact with the lips for a pleasant feeling and incredible smooth-on qualities.

First thing to note about this lipstick is it has a lot of slip to it and I really mean a lot. I found this wore fine when it had a chance to set. Earlier today I tried it over Too Faced Lip Insurance (swatch is on it's own) and it's holding much more steady. I also find slightly blotting helps with staying power.

It goes on really easily with a lot of colour. I don't need to go over my lips to get a lot of pigmentation, it just glides on with high coverage.

That being said Pink Lingerie is one of the lighter colours and I can't see it working on too many skin tones. It's one of those super light pinks that I fear would look a bit too pale for really tanned skin.

I sometimes think it looks too light on me, again blotting helps with that. You can see it full face here.

Overall I love this lipstick. It has a pretty hefty price tag at £23.50. It is a luxe lipstick but for the price I would expect something to last a lot longer than just a few hours if you have to shell out that much but I think that just comes with the formula of the Rouge Volupte.

This hasn't put me off wanting to try others from YSL though.

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