Bittersweet Endings.

64 eyeshadows, 16 liners, 3 primers and a 'Good Karma' brush later and it's time to say farewell.

Back at the end of 2009 I was lured into buying Urban Decay by all the beautiful colours when I was having my first browse of their counter in House Of Fraser, Plymouth.

Their liners were the only ones I could wear that would last on me. The only liner I could use on my top lashline without any transfer. I touted their eyeshadows as the best I'd ever used. They even made the most perfect electric cyan blue shadow and liner combination, my absolute favourite colour!

What made me want to purchase from them most was their stance on animal testing. All their products are branded with the motto 'We don't do animal testing. How could anyone?'

They were one of the first brands to ever get the BUAV Leaping Bunny approval and now they've been stripped of that label, for what?

What I've seen from Urban Decay over the past few days has made me feel sick to my stomach. Of all the brands I buy from and put a lot of money into, I really did think UD would be the last to do this.

They've gone back on everything they created this company on. They're saying it's to make progress but you already went 16 years without animal testing and now you're moving backwards not forwards.

In my opinion Urban Decay sold out. There are plenty of countries they could have gone to, like Australia, where the brand is currently unavailable and would have been able to make a profit, whilst still standing by everything they believe in.

They are censoring their Facebook page by deleting comments they don't agree with. They deleted the press release so the only way you can read it is by the bloggers who copied it word for word. They're replying with the same old spiel about how it was a 'thoughtful' decision.

Right now I don't feel like I want to use my stash, though I know at some point I will. But I refuse to buy anything after that. Not only for the way they've gone back on everything they built the company around but the sad excuse on trying to justify it and the way they are not taking any of the customers into consideration (especially those that only buy from them, solely for their vegan products) with their awful, awful decisions.

It's was nice knowing you Urban Decay but I am done. You won't receive any more of my custom or money.

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