Life Via Instagram #2.

I've really been feeling under the weather the last couple of days so though I'd just an Instagram update, it's been a little while since I've done one.

001 - I invested in a cute pink harness/extender lead for little Peps as she's been itching to go outside, I've just been cautious of the main road behind our house. This way I can keep an eye on her but she gets the run of the garden. She's loved it on the nice she's been out, climbing trees, catching bugs. Getting up to general mischief. It's calmed her down inside quite a lot too.

002 - Missing BBQ weather, not the heat but generally warmer weather and sunshine, yummy food and good company.

003 - Went to a family 40th anniversary party last weekend. It was cute and gave me hope that some marriages are made to last.

004 - Red, white and blue clothes for work for the jubilee. Feels weird going back to wearing uniform now, do not like.

005 - A couple nights ago I had late night motivation to go for a walk. Motivation always strikes me at the weirdest times so I decided to embrace it, even though it was almost 11 at night and take the dog out. I walked most of the way and decided on running half way back. Felt so much better for it afterwards and looking forward to feeling better so I can try and beat my time.

006 - Reassurance/advice/just general loveliness from one of my favourite people. Bad things about the internet = finding awesome people on other continents. Tina has been an absolute gem to me these past few weeks though.

That's all for now. I'll get some proper posts up when I'm not so lethargic. Do feel free to tell me what you've been up to of late. :)

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