Life Via Instagram #3.

I had a pretty busy day yesterday, before it even got to half 10.

Work was hectic, lots of changes and other boring stuff.

Thought I'd do a little update with a few photos from my morning.

PS templates from WonderfulLifee.

001 - I visited my Auntie's beautiful new house. Whilst taking photos of the flowers in the garden, I came across this little dragonfly. I was quite surprised that the photo came out so well as s/he was getting blown about by the wind a fair bit and I couldn't keep my phone still.

002 - The gorgeous view from the top of her garden, not a building in sight.

003 - The view from the kitchen and conservatory windows. It's like a secret garden, full of wonderful, colourful flowers.

004 - Church window.

005 - I finally mustered up the courage to visit my first ever best friend. In the 7 years since it happened, I believe I've only been 3 times. I'm a terrible friend but everything about it scares me.

I got paid today so I plan on having a lush weekend and doing a little bit of retail therapy. :)

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