Names4Ever Custom Jewellery.

I have something a little different for you today.

A custom made to order necklace* from Names4Ever.

Before I was contacted for this review I'd not heard of this website, though I'd seen many that made this sort of thing.

With such a vast array of necklaces, pendants, charms and rings in all different kinds of designs, all customisable with a whole load of fonts and layouts to choose from. It took me a few days to finally pick what I wanted as I just couldn't decide.

I opted for the 'Charlotte' font. This type of necklace happens to come on a figaro chain.

I placed my order very late in the evening of May 31st and received it on June 8th. That's not bad going considering firstly that piece is custom made to your specifications and it happened to come all the way from the Netherlands. 

Altogether the necklace retails at £33, with £4 of that going towards a longer chain. Delivery is also free.

For the price it feels well made yet lightweight enough to not notice it there too much, which is something I like in a necklace.

It's the perfect gift for yourself or someone that's perhaps particularly hard to buy for.

It's really good quality, for a fraction of the price of some places. With super fast delivery and really good communication. Definitely recommend.

Have you ever tried a customising service?
How was it for you?

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