Weekend Wishlist #3.

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The New iPad - Silly name, though it'll be even sillier when they bring out a newer one. But I've been lemming one since forever. I will get one someday soon as I can get discount off it through work. Winner!

Danika Cut Away Wedges - Absolute dead ringers for JC Night Walks and I have lemmed those ever since they came out. These are about £100 less then JC's offering and possibly the best ones to get the look of the shoe just right. I've seen some of the knock offs and they look stupidly clumpy.

Crest Whitening Strips - I had braces when I was in my teens that left me with perfectly aligned teeth. But being the child that I was before that, I hated brushing my teeth. So it's left me with perfect teeth in a less than desirable shade. I've seen so many people rave about Crest strips and I really need to get my hands on some, maybe that will sort my teeth anxieties out.

Revlon Candy Apple Lip Butter - I recently purchase a couple of these though I have yet to try them but I can see me wanting more. I especially keep eyeing up Candy Apple every time I'm browsing in town. Do I really need another red lippie?

Real Techniques Brushes - I've been after some new brushes for ages but didn't feel like splashing out on M.A.C. I've been truly sceptical about the Real Techniques brushes but on a whim decided to pick up the stippling brush in my local Boots. Can we say fabulous? Post on that coming soon but it's made me want them all if they all live up to the same standard.

Anything you've been wishing for lately?

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