HD Brows.

HD Brows seem to have blown up out of nowhere over recent months. Nowhere near me did them and I didn't think about having them till I saw Charlie's HD Brow post.

HD Brows pride themselves on the fact that instead of opting for just one treatment you get 7! This includes the use of threading, tweezing, eyebrow dye, low temperature wax, skin cleansers, after wax lotions and makeup.
So when I find out I could get them done just a short train ride away, I decided to take the gruelling task of growing them out. Yuck!

As I didn't know my way around Exeter I booked in a week advance with a lady called Michelle. Tuesday I headed off to Exeter where I Charlie met me off the train. We did a spot of window shopping before she took me to Wags Hair & Beauty. It's really easy to find, just off a little road on the main high street in Exeter central.

Both Michelle (HD technician) and Charlie were both informing me how good my brows already were but I'm not a fan of thick eyebrows on myself, so it wasn't long before she set to work on my caterpillars.

It was mostly painless. The only painful thing I found was tweezing, which is generally painful anyway.

Want to see how they turned out?

Top to bottom, left to right - Without product, how I did them before I left to have them, with HD Brows, my take on recreating them.

Quite the difference isn't it? For the first time in my life I actually feel genuinely happy with how they look, usually I don't. There's still a few bits where the hair still needs to grow in to be part of the brows but that's nothing a bit of HD powder can't fix.

Overall a really nice relaxing experience with a lovely lady and one I would definitely do again!

If you are in the area, though it's best to check her Facebook as she travels around to various salons - I highly recommend Shell and her awesome brow skills!
Website / Facebook / Twitter.

For £20/£35 (depending where you go) you really can't go wrong as they take the time to actually find out how you would like them, also depending on your natural brow/face shape. When I've had brow waxes in the past they don't take in to consideration that my brows aren't arched, they're quite pointed on top, but they waxed the underneath without following my natural brow shape and it just looked stupid.

I cannot recommend HD Brows and Michelle enough.

Is this something that appeals to you?