Lush Emotional Brilliance.

Everyone seems to be talking about the new makeup from Lush - Emotional Brilliance. Whenever someone mentions I can't help but sing the song.

Emotional Brilliance contains a gigantic 30 bottled liquid, multi-purpose shades. These can all be used as blush/lip or eye colour. Even on the lashes! There is also a mascara which only contains one preservative, 2 skin tints and a face powder.

Today I'm going to talk about the 'colour readings' I've had as I really like the concept.

Your strength or weakness:
As a strength you have an ambition, whatever that may be, from getting home on time or losing weight, to getting a new job.
Tuesday I was feeling ambitious, I knew what I wanted and went out and grabbed it, making sure I did everything to make things go my way.

Your subconscious:
There is something calling you to make decisions today. It is important that you fulfil this need by being resolute and determined in your behaviour. Be firm, make choices, and things will happen for you.
As I stated in my last post, I was quite apprehensive of doing the colour wheel as I find it difficult to make decisions. I just can't do it. Right before I told the manager who did my reading this. I need to be more decisive and not over think decisions, just do what I think is right without dwelling on it too much.

Your aspiration:
You are just one fabulous idea after another today! Your talent for FANTASY is at its height, and this is opening up huge creative possibilities for you. Your unrestricted imagination will help you to achieve anything you want to.
Fantasy is all about dreaming big and not letting anyone put a downer on your imagination, bigger is better.

Your strength or weakness:
Taking CONTROL comes naturally to you today and it plays a big part in your achievements. You will find yourself able to manage and direct people and situations with ease. It is only a weakness if others wish to have the CONTROL but cannot take it. This may frustrate them, but it is you who has the strength to take the lead.
Very weird that this came up as I planned a trip to Exeter with the family and extended fam. I made a point of taking control everything like train tickets/times, where we were going etc.

Your subconscious:
Your sub conscious is finding you a little lacking in this area and would like to encourage you to make it happen. Whatever this ambition of yours is. Have a think and stop being put off. You have an AMBITION, so make it happen.
A little less ambitious than the previous day. I know I have plenty of things I need to work on right now.

Your aspiration:
Feeling Secure
Your inner confidence knows no bounds and you feel secure in a decision you have made or need to make. Excellent work! Well done! Don’t lose the feeling.
Something I've really been working on lately is my confidence so it's nice that this came up. Of course everyone has days where they just feel rubbish but they were slowly starting to outweigh the good ones. I'm slowly reigning those in and having a much more better time.

This way of colour therapy is actually really interesting. It's designed to make everyone feel good about themselves and giving you small goals to work towards.

Whilst I'm not one of those reads things like this and takes them on fact, it is very weird how true it describes how I was feeling at the time.

There is a web version online but the colours look pretty bland, if you're passing a Lush I urge you to go in and try it. The colour wheel is much more vibrant in person and then you'll be told all about your colours.

I find it quite hard to describe the concept to others unless you try it. It thoroughly confused me reading the blog posts about it before it was really so definitely go and check it in person.

Prices are pretty fair, factoring it's all vegan, handmade, natural etc.
Mascara, face powder and skin tints are £12.
The bottles of colour are £14.50

I will be picking up a few of them in due course. The great thing about them is whilst the pigments are super bright, you can wear them full coverage or sheer them down for a light wash of colour.

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