Oh Dear.

So I got in a little while ago from a lush day out, I would actually show you photos but ...

Somewhere between getting out of the car and getting into my house (without dropping it) I have managed to achieve this:

I don't even know. But I can't access anything that is stored on the internal storage as it's decided to die one me.

Awesome! Especially since I can't do anything about it for 3 weeks.

Popped up to Exeter though to get HD Brows, post on that later. Met Charlie, she's awesome - of course!

Checked out the new Emotional Brilliance line from Lush and had a 'reading' (is that what you call it?) done.

Can't remember what the guy said about the first one, oops. But right before I did it I was on about how scared I was to do it because I hate making decisions and I feared no colours would stand out to me.

Of course 'Decisive' came up, which he said I needed to do more. Not to think something over, just do it.

Both 'Ambition' and 'Fantasy' are just in general I think, about having dreams and working hard to get those goals. I really liked it though and the colours they've come up with are so so nice! I want them all, pretty much.

Overall a mostly nice day until I chucked half a Starbs Venti frappe all over the train floor, caught some kind of heat rash on my arms (so itchy) and broke my phone. :(

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