Typography #1.

If there's one thing I love it's handwriting. Surprisingly not my own though, I hate it.

Handwritten quotes are one of my favourite things. One of my favourite Tumblr blogs for these is hellyeahjustlikethat.

I love writing but I don't do it nearly enough. In fact, very rarely. I was bored and sleep deprived (aren't I always lately?!) last night so took it upon myself to make some of my own typos. Mostly famous quotes/lyrics.

I'm actually pretty happy with how most of them turned out. I just take a photo of the paper with my camera and then turn the contrast up to the maximum on PS.

Hopefully this will inspire me to start writing again and I'll improve my handwriting with time. It's usually extremely messy due to the fact I didn't write for a good 2 years+ when I was at primary/secondary school due to a horrific broken arm. So I find it difficult to write neatly, especially for long periods of time.

It usually ends up an illegible scrawl.

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