Carmex Cherry.

Carmex is something I've always put off buying, though people seem to rave about it, as I was scared it'd have that horrible Vaseline like texture. How wrong could I have been?

After getting the Cherry version* I'm a convert.

What says:
First flavour in a jar since 1937
Moisturising lip balm
Reliable protection with a bright cherry flavour
Non-addictive and not tested on animals
Contains SPF 15 sunscreen
Available in .25 oz. jar
Keeps lips soft, alleviates the roughness of dry lips
Protects from wind and sun, replaces moisture and protects from sunburn
Helps heal chapped lips, contains germ-killing menthol and phenol, speeding the healing process

I received this whilst I was right in the midst of a horrendous Summer flu/cold type thing. My lips were extremely chapped (along with the rest of my face but we won't go into that) so this was a welcoming addition.

At first I couldn't smell it at all (blocked nose) but I was applying it to my lips regularly and it healed them in no time.

The scent is very cherry menthol and it leaves a slight tingling sensation on the lips, nothing too major or uncomfortable like plumping lip products.

It has a very thin consistency and a little bit goes a long way, it feels slightly like Vaseline but I find Vaseline to be extremely thick and greasy, this isn't like that at all.

For a few quid this is such a great addition to keep your lips hydrated and smooth so you can wear all those pretty lipsticks!

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