Jeffrey Campbell Tardys.

In a couple of weeks I'll be facing one of my all time fears, so to reward myself for doing it, I opted for something a bit more extravagant than a lipstick as a reward to myself.

For the past few weeks I kept browsing the Jeffrey Campbell section of Office, gazing at all the pretty full price shoes.

It wasn't long before they moved a whole bunch of them into the sale section to make room for new things.

One of the pairs I was lusting after, I would have happily paid full price for. But when they went to 50% off, surely it was meant to be? I uhmm-ed and ahh-ed for ages because the stitching on these boots is really striking (as you will see) and I wasn't sure if I liked it. I decided to order anyway because I could always return if I didn't like them.

Well it's a good job I did because after placing my order there was only a size 5 left.

I was pretty excited that it came in a kitty box, not going to lie!

Here are my beeeeautiful new pair of Jeffrey Campbell Tardys ...

There was a black pair and a red pair with a black heel but since black goes with everything and I wasn't a fan of the red, I opted for these.

They have a black leather upper with contrast white stitching. The wedge is wooden with a rubber sole and has a 5 1/2" heel and a 2" platform. Wooden heels are notorious feet killers as they don't have a lot of cushioning. I can't speak for long wear in these but they don't seem too bad on my feet at the moment. Though if I find they become uncomfortable for long periods, that can easily be solved with an insole.

They have quite a high rise on the front sole which means you can 'rock' forward in these, which it seems a lot of people don't like but it doesn't tend to bother me.

If you keep up with runway fashion, these are strikingly similar to the Chloe Docs from around '07.

I love these, they're fierce without looking overly girlie. I just need to master how to tie laces as it's been quite sometime since I've had to. They're definitely a lot more wearable then my first pair of JC's - The 99 Tie.

When I posted on Instagram about getting Jeffrey Campbells in the UK, the lovely Christine (Miss Dalum) asked where exactly you could get them. 

Whilst America is rife with online retailers such as Solestruck and Karmaloop, that carry most of the JC range, in comparison we have very few retailers that carry them.

Now of course, you could order from American sites. I ordered my 99 Ties from Karmaloop and had zero problems bar the shoe conversion difference. You only have to look at a few different sites on the web to see that a UK size 6 could be a 7.5, an 8, an 8.5 or even a 9 in US sizes! My 99 Ties are size 9 (as it was the last size) and they're too big so it's put me off ordering from US retailers as returns would cost an arm and a leg.

So if you do want to get your hands on some JC's here in the UK, these are all of the sites that I've found that stock a decent amount of the shoes:

Amelie Boutique
Doll Boutique
Harvey Nichols
Ministry Of Fashion
Oxygen Boutique
Spoiled Brat

Office has the most up to date collection of heels and the second biggest selection, whilst Sarenza has a slightly bigger section they offer a lot of older stock.

Hope that helps anyone else who wanted some and hopefully you'll be strutting around in gorgeous heels sooner than you think.

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