Life Via Instagram #4.

001 - This week I've been loving cleaning the house in neon pink wedges. I got them from Primark in the sale for £6. They're helping me relearn how to walk in heels again as it's been a while.

002 - I don't usually drink coffee, in fact I really don't like it unless it's in something you can't really taste. Kind of defeats the purpose I know but I've been enjoying the caffeine kick.

003 - I've been finding my kitties hibernating in odd places. I caught Peps in the wash room, disappearing into the tumble dryer. Strange kitty.

004 - I've spent the last week and a half extremely ill so I've been chilling out in a super oversized hoodie, watching Vampire Diaries and Tumblring in bed. I'm still not 100% which sucks but not much I can do!

005 - I've been trying out red brows, I really like them I just need to find a mid blue based red pencil that will last. Everything I seem to be finding is either bright red or too dark. If you know of any, do let me know.

If you want to catch me on Instagram, tweet me or something for the username. :) I'm being creeped on all my social networking sites and here which is why I'm not currently giving it out.

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