Lush Dirty Body Spray.

Something that fast become one of my favourite scents from Lush is Dirty. I blogged about the Springwash back in May.

Today I have my most recent addition to the line to share with you.

What says:
We think spearmint is an aphrodisiac - mostly because everyone brushes their teeth before getting intimate, so we’ve all made a mental link between intimacy and the smell of spearmint. So we built the Dirty fragrance around notes of spearmint, to get everyone in the mood, and then layered other fresh herbal notes to build a scent that is enticing, fresh and individual.

As I said in the Springwash review, if you don't like mint - steer clear.

This is a super spearminty, refreshing spray. The Dirty range was geared more towards the guys but it's definitely unisex.

It contains lots of essential oils like tarragon, sandalwood, lavender and neroli.

This scent lasts really well through out the day and still lingers on clothes the very next day. The staying power is really awesome so just a few sprays are needed.

The bottle is easy enough to use, you just flip down the red stopper and spray to your hearts content. When you're down just flip it back up and the trigger will be locked.

This is definitely something I recommend, super refreshing and a change from the usual sweet/fruity scents I usually go for. If you happen to be in a Lush, give yourself a spritz.

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