A Photo A Day For A Year - September.

September seemed to really fly by. Not cool. Looking back at this month, I didn't most many reviews. I won't apologise or make excuses for being a bad blogger. If I want to post, I will. If I can't then I'm sure you understand.

Here was the photo a day list for September:

My photos:

As I said at the start, this month has whizzed by. Dare I say it but it'll soon be Christmas. Eeek.

We're heading into the last few months of the yeart. I'm rather looking to the start of October. I get a few days off work, my last bit of holiday of this year. And I get to spend some time with my bestie. It's been quite a while so I'm pretty excited.

Here's the list for October if you want to join in this month:

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