ASOS Lucy Iridescent Ballet Flats.

For quite some time now I've been searching for some decent flats. As with everything clothing wise, I'm super fussy and find it hard to come across items I fall in love with and most own.

I've been surviving this year in flip flops and Winter boots, which just won't do. I needed some casual flats I could wear on those in between days, where it's too cold for sandals but not cold enough for boots.

I was browsing ASOS right before I got paid, looking for a pair. Not holding out much luck. Until I came across these and they were in the sale for just £12.

Are you ready for these? Because let me tell you, they're something else.

I can't even capture how truly amazing these are. 

They are perfect with most of my outfits as I mainly wear greys on top and I'm always wearing black leggings so they make my feet stand out.

They're as comfortable as ballet flats can be. They do need a bit of breaking in as they're made from PU, they're not as supple as leather would be.

If you want to pick them up for a measly £12, they still have sizes 3 right through to 8 here.

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