Carmex Mint Tube.

Early last month I blogged about an amazing new find of mine, the Carmex Cherry Jar.

It has quickly become a staple in my routine and I made it my mission to find something a bit more 'work friendly'. Having an extremely hands on job and a balm in a jar that needs fingers for application, well that just won't do.

I picked up the mint tube version, along with another whilst Boots had an awesome 3-4-2 offer on.

This has the same great formula but in a lip tingling gel.

I love Carmex, it contains ingredients that really are soothing and moisturising to the lips. When I first tried this, I was in the mist of a really bad Summer cold/flu and my lips were chapped to hell. Within just a couple of days my lips were healed back to normal from this. Such good stuff.

If you haven't yet tried it, I urge you to. It comes in a few different 'flavours' and formulas so there's something to suit everyone.

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