Cutey Shamballas.

I'm a sucker for anything sparkly and shiny. Magpie, much? So when I was given the chance to try something from the brand Cutey, how could I resist?

I have two Shamballa bracelets* to show you today.

What says:
Inspired by the mythical kingdom known as Sambhala in Buddhism, regarded as a place of peace and happiness our Shamballa bracelets are designed to bring a little happiness to your life. Made from the highest quality materials and available in a range of sparkling colours, these fully adjustable bracelets will fit any wrist like a match made in heaven. All with a total of nine beautiful jewel encrusted clay beads.

I've always admired these bracelets but was always dubious about buying because I wasn't sure if all that sparkle you see in shops is just the strong fluorescent lighting. Let me tell you, it isn't. It's hard to capture on camera but this dazzle in even the lowest light. Get these in the sun and that's where they really come alive! Each bead has a grand total of 84 crystals per bead. They also have polished hematite beads at the end of the row of beads and attached to the drawstrings used to tighten the bracelet/

Another thing that I had to question was, how well made are they? These feel extremely sturdy for a string bracelet. And they are made in such a way that they are adjustable so can fit any wrist size. At first the 'tie' that you pull to loosen the bracelet can seem a bit stiff but it loosens up after you've made use of it, as with anything.

These come at a really good price of just £18.99 with free postage. I've seen these going for twice as much (and then some) and they don't look nearly as nice.

A perfect gift for yourself or someone else. I definitely have my eye on the gold and pink ones next. They really are lovely pieces. So much so that my Mum instantly bought one as soon as she saw mine and she couldn't be happier with her purchase.

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