How I Store My Nail Polish.

One of the most awkward things to store is probably nail polish. You can only keep them stored one way and with all different brands, shapes and sizes it makes for great difficulty organising them.

Nail polish racks are really nice because you can have everything on display but they can really ruin your polish, having them exposed to so many UV rays like that. Such a shame!

I know a lot of bloggers swear by the Ikea Helmer's for polish storage but I really really don't like the way they look.

Here is how I'm currently storing the few nail polishes that I do have:

Got to find some  use for those empty Glossyboxes, no?

In the pink box I have all my nail treatments, like O.P.I Nail Envy. I store any top coats in here, so things like glitters, shatters, basically anything that can't really be worn on it's own. My base/top coats, a lone nail oil. My Konad bits and a few other nail art bits and pieces, along with two pots of nail glitters.

This is my odd brands box, I don't have enough of any of these to store on their own so they go into one box. In here I have Models Own, Nails Inc, Eyeko, Nina Pro, Revlon, Deborah Lippmann, Barry M, GOSH, LCN, Leighton Denny, Illamasqua and Dior.

My favourite nail polish brand of course, China Glaze. I'm going to need to start a new box when I purchase some more of these.

Last but not least, my O.P.I box. I used to really dislike O.P.I but they're really growing on me lately so this box has been expanding over the past couple of months.

I really want an Ikea Alex to store not only my polishes in but all sorts of bits and bobs. I will hopefully be moving soon and be able to get it then. I'm putting off buying any furniture until I have a permanent room that I can decorate and do what I want with.

For now though I keep them in empty Glossyboxes, with the lids on stacked up in a corner of my room.

On a side note, for a blogger I don't think I have all that many polishes.