Japonesque Manicure Set.

As most people will be aware, October is breast cancer awareness month. Many brands release special edition products in the colour pink, whilst donating a portion of the sales to Breast Cancer Research.

Japonesque have released a couple of products for this cause. Here's the pink manicure set*.

What www.hqhair.com says:
Designed to achieve the perfect 10, this Manicure Set in Pink from Japonesque gives you to tools to ensure that you’re always looking groomed and pristine.

The perfect manicure gift set for those you know who strive for perfection and love to look their best. Achieving a beauty manicure with professional tools all designed to give you perfect results with minimal effort.

All high quality and made from stainless steel, you'll find it hard not to fall in love with these professional tools.

This is such a handy little set to have. It has everything you could need for your nails in one cute case!

It contains tweezers, nippers, scissors, a combination nail file and a pair of clippers.

Cuticle clippers actually scare me a little bit. I've never in my life clipped my cuticles and probably don't intend to. But these are always handy to have just incase.

The tweezers are really handy not only for nails but if you carry this set with you, you can pluck any stray brow hairs or whatever else you might use them for. These tweezers are really precise and sharp and get every little hair.

The nail clippers and combi set are just as good as the rest of the products. They do exactly what they're supposed to.

For £20 this set is a true bargain, especially as you can pay over that half for a good set of tweezers. Definitely worth picking up as a treat for yourself or a present for a friend.

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