Life Via Instagram #5.

I've come to the conclusion I really should do more of these posts. Whilst I don't deem my life as being interesting, I love reading other peoples posts like this so someone might actually enjoy reading mine.

It was a shiny shoes kind of day // something hiding in the window // current readings.
M.A.C Lipstick in Rebel is fab for Fall // an amazing breakfast // my first go at gradient nails.
A new candle and a new phone made my Monday better // my HTC // wrapping up birthday presents.
Amazing starter of Mozzarella Carrozza // Four Seasons @ Bella Italia // myself and the (belated) birthday boy.
A cheeky caramel Starbs whilst waiting for the train home // chocolate chip Welsh cakes // Lush Christmas purchases.
Savouring the last day of being home alone // pretty lights // keyring Mumma bought me back 'Cats are like chocolates ... It's hard to just have one'.

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