New In: Samsung Galaxy Note II.

*Cue geeky post that doesn't include any kind of makeup*

Back in July I did goodness knows what to my HTC but it ended up cracking the screen from the inside.

I've been wanting an excuse to get out of Vodafone for ages and not having a signal for all of last week just topped it for me. That and the fact my screen had got to the point where you couldn't even see the bottom half. Here it is when it it first happened and here it is the day I changed phones.

I'd been patiently sitting through August waiting for Samsung Unpacked @ IFA because they were announcing the new Note.

It got released last Monday. I ordered it the Friday of that week and I got it Monday, I can't even explain how stupidly excited I was.

I understand this post is somewhat geeky but I am in love.

If you don't know about the Note II or it's predecessor, it's a pretty heft phone housing a 5.5 inch super AMOLED display. For that reason it's being dubbed as a 'phablet'. Whenever anyone would ask what phone I was getting and I replied with the Note II their response is always 'oh the massive one?'

Whilst on first inspection it is pretty intimidating, it dwarfs my iPod, the screen more than makes up for it's size and it'll still fit in your pocket.

Since YouTube changed it's desktop site I've loathed it. Really loathed to the point where unless I have to look up something I don't go on it, which in turn meant I wasn't keeping up with my subs. Since getting this I've found myself to be catching up with all my subs because the screen is just fabulous for watching videos in, especially those in HD.

One of the main differences between this and say the Galaxy S3 is that the Note design comes with a built in stylus. I was under the impression that I wouldn't use this much but I've been using it a lot. It's fabulous for using for all kinds of things. You have the S Note app which you can jot down memos and ideas on and store away for later use. It's also ideal for me to use when playing Draw Something! 

I love the fact it came with Chrome already installed on it as that's what I use on my computer. It means I can access everything I favourite or look at on here and vice versa.

I've got back into Twitter since having it also, which I was also lacking in. So do follow if you'd like to chit chat or just read my ramblings on there.

I know this is definitely a step away from my regular postings but I'm just wonderfully happy with it so thought I'd give my 2 pence incase anyone else was curious about it.

If you have any recommendations for good Droid apps, do feel free to tweet me them as I'm always on the lookout for games/photo editing apps and the like.

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