Lush Golden Wonder Bath Ballistic

One of the things that was top of my list from the Lush's Christmas collection was this little beauty. I unfortunately missed it last year. I'm not sure how I overlooked it because it's just magical.

What says:
This isn’t a bath – this is an event!

For those types who can’t help shaking that box with their name on under the tree.

This ballistic is like a pass the parcel gift – each layer has something different to offer. This is not for a quick bath because it takes its time, this ballistic, its wonders to unfold.

First take some time to shake it, listen to the little rattle from within and try to imagine what’s in there. Then drop it in your water and gaze in wonderment as gold turns to yellow, turns to blue and spits out soluble stars along the way.

We loved this ballistic so much, we decided to put one of our most popular perfumes in it, so that lots of people will enjoy bathing in it. Long standing customers will recognise the smell of Snowshowers shower jelly.

Newer customers might like to know that the smell is of a light fizzing champagne cocktail, and contains sweet orange oil, cognac oil and lime oil. So wonder no longer – put one of these in your basket and try it for yourself.

This ballistic contains edible gold lustre and soluble paper stars – so there’ll be no sparkly bits left to clean out of your bath afterwards.

This really is magical. I loved watching it develop into a rainbow of different colours.

I unfortunately comment on the scent as I used this when I was in the midst of a really bad cold. I used it to cheer me up and that it did, I just couldn't smell anything.

This is the perfect little gift to yourself. Or perhaps a colleague or friend if you're stuck for a gift for them. This is guaranteed to please anyone that uses it.


Where to buy:
Online and Lush stores during the Christmas period

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