Lately I've enjoyed reading tags, just to be nosey and find out more about the people behind the blog. Lipstick is great but it's nice to switch things up a little bit.

I've had this sitting in my drafts for a little while as it really took me time to think through things properly as when it comes to talking about qualities in myself my mind draws a blank.

5 Things I Want To Be:
- Confident.
- Happy.
- More active.
- Better at managing things.
- The best person I can be.

5 Things I Love About Myself:
- Having red hair.
- Being creative, even if it mostly comes at night.
- Having the ability to always make people laugh.
- Strategic organising skills.
- Always being on time.

5 Things I Want To Do In My Lifetime:
- Travel all the places I hope to visit.
- Pass my driving test.
- Have a Thanksgiving in America.
- Learn how to bake.
- See Lady Gaga perform.

5 Qualities I Want To Be Known For:
- Being a good listener.
- Being there for people when they need me.
- Making people laugh without really trying.
- Being helpful, even if I only help one person, that's more than enough.
- Succeeding at something.

5 Things I Want To Achieve:
- Have a career that I'm happy in.
- Moving some place completely new.
- Fitness.
- Self love.
- A successful house/job move.

5 Things That Make Me Happiest:
- Spending time with friends.
- When things go to plan.
- Hitting targets.
- Making plans.
- Being at peace with myself.

5 Favourite Feelings:
- Love.
- Trust.
- Inspiration.
- Positivity.
- Happiness.

5 Blessings:
- Friends.
- Family.
- Having a stable job.
- Happiness.
- Life.

5 Things I've Done That I'm Proud Of:
- Running this blog and my Tumblr, it sounds silly but there we go.
- Confronted problems I was too scared to speak about and fixed them.
- Started to learn to accept myself as I am.
- Furthered my interests on my own.
- Moved out of my home town.

5 Things I'm Scared Of:
- Change.
- Being alone.
- Death.
- Spiders.
- Heights.

3 Things I've Overcome:
- Body issues.
- Grief.
- Depression (somewhat).

If you want to copy it, do feel free!

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