5 Things Tag.

Lately I've enjoyed reading tags, just to be nosey and find out more about the people behind the blog. Lipstick is great but it's nice to switch things up a little bit.

I've had this sitting in my drafts for a little while as it really took me time to think through things properly as when it comes to talking about qualities in myself my mind draws a blank.

5 Things I Want To Be:
- Confident.
- Happy.
- More active.
- Better at managing things.
- The best person I can be.

5 Things I Love About Myself:
- Having red hair.
- Being creative, even if it mostly comes at night.
- Having the ability to always make people laugh.
- Strategic organising skills.
- Always being on time.

5 Things I Want To Do In My Lifetime:
- Travel all the places I hope to visit.
- Pass my driving test.
- Have a Thanksgiving in America.
- Learn how to bake.
- See Lady Gaga perform.

5 Qualities I Want To Be Known For:
- Being a good listener.
- Being there for people when they need me.
- Making people laugh without really trying.
- Being helpful, even if I only help one person, that's more than enough.
- Succeeding at something.

5 Things I Want To Achieve:
- Have a career that I'm happy in.
- Moving some place completely new.
- Fitness.
- Self love.
- A successful house/job move.

5 Things That Make Me Happiest:
- Spending time with friends.
- When things go to plan.
- Hitting targets.
- Making plans.
- Being at peace with myself.

5 Favourite Feelings:
- Love.
- Trust.
- Inspiration.
- Positivity.
- Happiness.

5 Blessings:
- Friends.
- Family.
- Having a stable job.
- Happiness.
- Life.

5 Things I've Done That I'm Proud Of:
- Running this blog and my Tumblr, it sounds silly but there we go.
- Confronted problems I was too scared to speak about and fixed them.
- Started to learn to accept myself as I am.
- Furthered my interests on my own.
- Moved out of my home town.

5 Things I'm Scared Of:
- Change.
- Being alone.
- Death.
- Spiders.
- Heights.

3 Things I've Overcome:
- Body issues.
- Grief.
- Depression (somewhat).

If you want to copy it, do feel free!

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