It's Chriiiistmaaas!

I just had to share this comic. I creased right up when I came across it on Tumblr.

Doesn't time fly?  I swear we were in October just a couple of weeks ago. Madness!

I had planned on getting a couple more posts up before Christmas but I've been struck down with some kind of cold/flu thing since Thursday. It's making me feel positively awful.

I just wanted to make a quick post and wish all my followers a merry Christmas (if you celebrate). Recent years have just felt like an ordinary day for me. But this year I get to spend the special day with a ton of family that I hardly ever saw (until I moved) and so have never spent a Christmas up here. To say I'm a little bit excited is an understatement.

I'm going to take a little bit of time off from the blog. Though I think most people are in favour of spending time with family. Fear not because I will be back towards the near year with lots of posts that I've been meaning to write for ages and lots of fresh new ideas. I'll be entering my fifth year of blogging. It sure doesn't seem that long.

I hope you all have a fantastic few days. Eat lots of yummy food and get a little bit merry. There's always next year to get back on the wagon!

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