Lip Smacker Coca Cola Tree Decoration.

With Christmas just around the corner, the rush to get everything bought and wrapped becomes more paramount.

Unless I know someone really well, I find it difficult to buy for them. It really helps when brands come out with little gifts that don't cost too much but are always handy to have.

Lip Smacker have a couple of Christmas gifts. I have the 'Coca Cola tree decoration'* to show you today.

What Lip Smacker say:
- These perfect presents all smell delicious, from the signature scent of Coco Cola to Fanta Orange.

- A tasty treat with every application.

- Keep your lips looking and feeling kissable throughout Winter with these moisturising lip balms.

It's been quite some time since I've tried anything from Lip Smacker. From what I remember they come in yummy sweet candy and soda flavours.

This has the original coke scent (also comes in cherry and vanilla) which is quite sweet, reminds me of cola bottles.

I'm not the biggest fan of pot balms. I much prefer stick or tube formulas as these are easy for on the go and they're generally more clean. It feels moisturising on the lips though and leaves them feeling smooth and hydrated.

This is the perfect little gift for a variable age range, especially if you're stuck on what to get them.

It comes attached with ribbon so you can wrap it up or hang it straight on your Christmas tree for a decoration with a sweet twist.

£3 / 6.7g

Where to buy:

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