Lush Cinders Bath Ballistic.

The first time I shopped at Lush, quite a few years ago now, was around Christmas time. I became so enamoured with Snow Fairy that I didn't bother with any of the other Christmas bits at the time.

The year after that I managed to take time in looking at everything. I picked this up on a whim and have loved it ever since.

What says:
Are your ugly sisters and evil stepmother annoying you? Well, escape to the bath for an hour with Cinders.

A ballistic to evoke sitting by a crackling open fire, drinking a glass of warm punch.

A real Christmas time ballistic that fights the chill and brings peace and comfort. Lie back, letting the water support your body, and listen to the fire as the smell of warm fruit punch fills the room.

Almond essential oil, sweet orange oil and cinnamon leaf oil give a smooth fruity scent with a touch of spice. It lifts the mind and lingers on the skin.

We've also put popping candy in this mix, which gently crackles in the water, giving you a bath with sound effects. If you really want to hear them go, then dip your head underwater for the full cacophony.

Have a Cinders if you want to hide away from the big bad world and feel the warming comforts of home. Great too if you just want to blow away the cobwebs in your mind, or the dust and soot from your body.

I'm not a fan of cinnamon in anything, be it food or otherwise. I really don't like the scent which is why I was hesitant to pick this up.

The scent is hard to pin down. Whilst the cinnamon is definitely something you pick up when first inhaling it, it's quite sweet when mixed with the orange and almond. It gives a really warm, spicy scent. I'm currently sat sniffing the last one I have. It's so good!

It also contains popping candy so when it hits the water it starts crackling away. It also turns the water an ... 'interesting' shade of yellow.

This ballistic really is perfect for Christmas and I look forward to picking up a couple every year.


Where to buy:
Online and Lush stores during the Christmas period

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