Lush Twilight Shower Gel.

I had planned on posting this a little bit earlier than I have but time seems too have run away with me this past fortnight.

Right before the release of the Christmas Lush products, I was really wishing they had a 'sleepy time' shower gel.

What says:
Because we are all made of stars

A lavender and malt notes shower gel to calm, relax and comfort as it helps you transition from day to night.

Do you want to look up at the night sky and remember that you are part of it? Then Twilight will help you connect. For a good night’s sleep, use this before bed.

Lavender infusion and essential oil calm and relax both the mind and the skin. Tonka adds a note of vanilla and fruit, whilst benzoin has a sweet balsamic quality, whilst also calming the skin.

Together, they can lift your mind to higher planes and help you let go of your earthly worries.

The period between sundown and nightfall is often called the blue hour, because of its distinctive ambient light. Our blue purple shower gel tries to capture this, with a twinkling of stars added too.

This fragrance, from our Twilight ballistic, is so popular that our Customer Forum members frequently vote for it to go in special products. This limited edition Christmas shower gel is launched just for them this year.

This is the perfect shower gel (also can be used in the bath) to unwind at the end of the day.

I'm not a fan of lavender much, though it does make me sleepy. I just really don't like the scent of this. In this it's very dominant but not too over powering when mixed with tonka and ylang ylang.

Inhaling it currently is making me want to settle down and sleep. I actually used this in the bath earlier. It froths up nicely and leaves the bathroom quite strongly scented.

I really love this and wish I'd picked up another one. I shall be saving this for those evenings where I need to unwind. In the hope it will be repromoted next year.

100g / £4.25
250g / £8.50
500g / £14.95

Where to buy:
Online and Lush stores during the Christmas period

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