Santa Came Early.

I've long craved for timeless boots that will last me and still me comfortable no matter how long you're on your feet for.

I got some lovely boots from Next last winter but after a few hours the wooden heel (albeit a tiny one at that) makes walking really quite uncomfortable.

When I was 13 or so I had a plain black pair of DM's that from what I can remember, were extremely comfortable. I don't quite remember the breaking in process though.

Way back in May I posted my first Weekend Wishlist and one of the main things I wanted was those DM's. Two things put me off buying them - the price and the fact that the patent variety are notoriously a lot harder to break in (obviously) and a darn site more painful.

Whilst browsing Office on Wednesday, lusting after things I wish I could buy (I have a habit of doing this). I noticed that those boots were in the sale. Originally £90 now down to £55. Whilst that's still a fair amount of money it's almost half off.

My Dad (being the awesome person that he is) told me I could order these as Christmas/birthday present. Which considering I wasn't expecting a single thing was a pleasant surprise. He always used to wear them when he was growing up and he loved them, not only for their style but their comfort. Which is why I think he felt more inclined to let me order them. He knew they'd last me if I look after them.

I ordered them late Wednesday evening. As Office only gives you the standard deliver for sale shoes I was expecting them to be here Monday, as they do say 4-7 days. They were here by a little after midday on Friday. Nice going Office!

I honestly could not be more happy with them. They are beautiful.

I'm currently trying a few different ways of wearing them in and hoping I don't get the dreaded blisters that breaking DM's in are renowned for. Or at least ones that aren't super bad.

I will blog more on these methods at a later date and whether they were a success or not.

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