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A Photo A Day For A Year - September.

September seemed to really fly by. Not cool. Looking back at this month, I didn't most many reviews. I won't apologise or make excuses for being a bad blogger. If I want to post, I will. If I can't then I'm sure you understand.

Here was the photo a day list for September:

My photos:

As I said at the start, this month has whizzed by. Dare I say it but it'll soon be Christmas. Eeek.

We're heading into the last few months of the yeart. I'm rather looking to the start of October. I get a few days off work, my last bit of holiday of this year. And I get to spend some time with my bestie. It's been quite a while so I'm pretty excited.

Here's the list for October if you want to join in this month:

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Cath Kidston Spot Folded Wallet.

Something I've been meaning to replace for ages is my purse. The inside zip broke last October whilst I was away in Cardiff. I never got round to replacing it as I'm pretty fussy.

Lately I've been feeling pretty girlie, which makes a change. I was drawn to the floral and retro prints of Cath Kidston. Whilst I didn't pick up something with a floral print on, I am truly in love.

What www.cathkidston.co.uk says:
Featuring our classic spot print in berry, this compact yet roomy purse is great for storing all your essentials. The front flap folds out to reveal 10 slots for cards and ID, and the design also includes a zipped coin compartment. It is made from our durable oilcloth and has a lovely leather clasp and zip pulley.

My last purse was a 'long wallet'. I opted for something a little more compact but the cards are easier to access than a zip through wallet. It's still got lots of room in it but not enough to have it stuffed with tons of receipts.

I was unsure on whether I did want the berry coloured purse. On the website it looks quite a bit darker. In person it was as I had hoped, not too bright but not too dark either.

I love the feel and look of this and it's made me want to purchase more from Cath Kidston. Matching bag anyone?!

Whilst I've heard people comment on how expensive their stuff is, I personally think it's a fair price point. The products (from what I can tell so far) are really great quality and they look really nice.

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Baby, You're A Firework.

One thing I've always admired is photos of fireworks. It's such a hard subject to photograph as they're gone in just a few short seconds.

I ventured into town on Saturday to watch the local carnival, which was awful but we won't go into that. They always hold fireworks after so I got a good spot on the bridge and tried for the first time to get some decent photos.

The sky was wonderfully pink before it got dark.

For a first try I don't think they're too shabby. I'm pretty happy with them. Though it's my first time photographing fireworks with a DSLR and there's about a million different settings. I didn't research beforehand how best to photograph them because I wanted to see if I could do it myself.

I'm looking forward to November 5 and New Year to get some more and improve on technique.

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Fun At The Fair.

I'm a bit like a moth to a flame when it comes to lights. I don't know why but I just love them.

I took the opportunity of being able to take some photos of them at the fair that stopped by our town this weekend. 

Most of the photos are of the same ride but I find it the easiest to take photos of as it wasn't going in a ton of directions at once.

I'm super happy with how they turned out and can't wait till next year, hopefully I'll have improved on how to take decent long exposures by then.

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New In: Cetaphil Skincare.

I've been having a lot of trouble with my skin of late. A combination of stress/depression and a whole ton of sleep deprivation.

After trying a ton of difference stuff on my skin I decided to go for something simple that has a cult like following in the US.

I've been using it for a week now and whilst I've got the occasional spot here and there, nothing to major.

Whilst I have to get up at 4AM most of the week, I've gotten really strict over my regime. Even setting my alarm for 3:50, just so I can get up and make sure I do cleanse and moisturise.

I've seeing how this works over 4/6 weeks before I do a review but I hope this helps.

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Glossybox - September.

It's that time of the month again.

This month Glossybox have teamed up with artist Maggie Li to create a cute designed box to house this months 'rising star' products*.

Sexy Hair - Spray & Play
£8.60 / 300ml
I've been using quite a soft hold texture product for my hair but on occasions I like something with a bit more hold.
This is a medium hold hair spray that gives volume, lift and shine. It gives a load more texture to my hair and holds through out the day and well into the evening. It doesn't give the hair too much of a crispy feeling and my hair still feels like hair. Sounds odd but some hair sprays don't feel so nice on the hair.

Balance Me - Wonder Eye Cream
£20 / 15ml
I've only used a couple of eye creams and never noticed if they made a difference or not. This says it reduces dark shadows and soothes tired eyes.
It has a lemony scent, it smells really refreshing. You only need a tiny amount, if you apply to much it leaves a really tacky texture on the skin and takes a while for it to sink in. This seems really nice and is something I'll be using to try and rid my tired eyes. 

Rodial - Glamoxy Snake Serum
£29 /10x1ml
£127 / 25ml tube
This dubbed as a revolutionary product with instant results. It helps reduce the appearance of frown lines and wrinkles, of which I don't have any so I can't speak for how well this works.

Rodial - 5 Minute Facial
£10.95 /10x1ml
£35 / 50ml tube
I don't think these are the best value for money. One 1ml sachet barely covered half of my face so I ended up using both in one sitting. The website says it should be applied thickly but with these sachets it's hard too. Though it's available in a 50ml tube.
It's a clay mask that has an exfoliating texture. Once dried in you rub your fingers over it to remove the majority of it off and then rinse the rest off with warm water.

Olay - Regenerist Wrinkle Relaxing Complex
£29.99 / 50ml
I don't really have any use for anti ageing products right now. It's quite fragrant. It's a thick serum like texture, it seems lighter than a cream. Applying to the back of my hand it plumps out the lines and leaves the skin super smooth.

Lady Gaga - Fame EDP
£25 / 30ml
£32 / 50ml
£55 / 100ml
This something I've long awaited for since I love Gaga!
It's an unexpected fragrance. Unlike most fragrances it doesn't have the top, middle and bottom notes of a regular perfume. It has 3 accords - dark (Belladonna), sensual (honey, saffron and apricot) and light (Tiger Orchid and Jasmine Sambac). It's really hard to put into words but it's lovely. I think I'll be buying the 100ml for myself as a (dare I say it?!) Christmas present.

Overall this box didn't dazzle me. My favourite thing was honestly the Gaga perfume. I had a sniff of it whilst in a Boots last week. But as I wear perfume every single day I couldn't spray it on me to see how it developed, as I didn't want to mess with what I was already wearing.

All of the boxes this month seem a lot more skin care based.

It's crazy that the next box we get will be the October box, crazy! This year is going to quickly.


Winter's On It's Way.

Barely 8 o'clock and it's already semi dark.

I've already cracked out the candles. I've only got 5 or so Yankee Candle votives left. It's about time I invested in some more.

What are your favourite scents?

I so wish we could get the Slatkin (B&BW) candles for a decent price over here too, they sound delicious!

Agyness Deyn x Dr. Martens - Heart Satchel.

For such a long time now I've been looking for a decent cross body bag. I hate  going out for the day and having to carry around a handbag.

I love the Mulberry Alexa but it's a price I couldn't justify and when I spend that amount on a bag, I want it to be waterproof from the get go. With the way British weather is, I don't want to be having to treat a bag myself to make it waterproof.

When I saw this collaboration, I knew I had to have this bag!

This heart satchel is a playful take on the classic Dr. Martens satchel. Many of the classic detailing, such as the finish and the triple stitching are replicated here. This satchel comes with a detachable strap, which can be used to turn the satchel into a rucksack.

There was 4 colour choices for this cherry (can see it here in Milly's OOTD), patent pale lilac, patent acid green and black. The lilac and green are still currently available online.

I opted for black which I know is probably the 'boring' choice but I love it.

It's a bit of an odd shape so it can be a bit of a challenge trying to work out how to fit everything in, instead of chucking it all in. But it's a really roomy bag and does fit a lot in it.

The leather is thick and sturdy but things like the buckle strap will loosen up over time and become easier to open.

This looks super cute as a cross body bag or on your shoulder. I don't think I'd wear this as a rucksack. Though I haven't worked out how you do that.

Overall a really awesome bag and I can't wait to get lots of use out of it.

The black satchel actually sold out online a week before I got paid. I have a sneaky suspicion it's because Miley Cyrus was spotted it with it! I emailed customer services and asked them if they were going to get it back in stock. I noticed that the cherry had sold out first but it briefly came back online.

I got a prompt email back telling me that the Cardiff store currently had 2 black satchels left in stock. I was then given the number to call and who to ask for. I called up the day before I got paid and managed to get it put back for me for the next day.

So glad I managed to track it down! If you do want it, definitely email customer service and they will put you in touch with a store that has it in stock. They're selling crazy fast though so you'll have to be quick.

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ASOS Lucy Iridescent Ballet Flats.

For quite some time now I've been searching for some decent flats. As with everything clothing wise, I'm super fussy and find it hard to come across items I fall in love with and most own.

I've been surviving this year in flip flops and Winter boots, which just won't do. I needed some casual flats I could wear on those in between days, where it's too cold for sandals but not cold enough for boots.

I was browsing ASOS right before I got paid, looking for a pair. Not holding out much luck. Until I came across these and they were in the sale for just £12.

Are you ready for these? Because let me tell you, they're something else.

I can't even capture how truly amazing these are. 

They are perfect with most of my outfits as I mainly wear greys on top and I'm always wearing black leggings so they make my feet stand out.

They're as comfortable as ballet flats can be. They do need a bit of breaking in as they're made from PU, they're not as supple as leather would be.

If you want to pick them up for a measly £12, they still have sizes 3 right through to 8 here.

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Models Own 50% Sale.

Want 50% off Models Own polishes?

Get liking their Facebook page and if they reach 100,000 likes during September they will hold a 50% off sale. Amazing right? As if the price isn't good enough.

Hopefully they reach it and I can expand my little collection.

L-R Emerald Black, Purple Blue, Pinky Brown, Aqua Violet, Golden Green, Gold Rush, Tropical Sun, Indian Ocean.

Whilst China Glaze will probably remain my favourite polish brand off all time. Models Own are still high up on my list, they have such fabulous finishes and you know me, I love anything with a duochrome!

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