1/365 - New Beginnings.

As a new year begins, the majority of people embark on a journey to change themselves and make the coming year the best they can.

2012 had it's ups and downs. It seemed to have more downs than anything else but it finished on a true high and I really feel like it's something that will continue.

In previous years I've made resolutions and along with plenty of those who make them, I never suck to them. This year I plan on making goals to work towards. That way I don't have to feel under pressure to 'complete' it but it's giving me something to work towards.

This year I thought I'd share mine with you. I have quite a few, which some would say is setting myself up for a failure. But remember I'm working towards them, not pressuring myself into completing them all.

In no particular order ...

Stress Less - Last year was filled with a lot of stress for me. When something annoys me it wriggles deep into my head and it gets to me for a long time afterwards. I want to be able to live without that feeling, to be able to just brush things off and not sweat the small stuff.

Don't Let The Depression Rear It's Ugly Head - Since moving I've found the remnants of my depression slowly dissipating. I've had it before where it seemed to disappear for a little while and then it came back with even more of a vengeance so I'm not pinning everything on the fact it's completely gone. I'd just really like to rid myself of it for good because it just consumes everything I do.

Lose Weight In A Healthy Way - Some may say this is hypocritical of me as on my Tumblr I'm forever promoting loving yourself as you are and not feeling you need to change for others. I'd like to become healthier and fitter, which in turn means shedding some pounds. I haven't set a goal for how much I'd like to lose, I'd be thrilled with achieving anything whilst remembering to be happy at every size. For me mostly though it's about learning to change my eating habits.

Keep Blogging - Lately I've been really motivated to blog more. That's the way I like it. I really hope to continue it. I have ideas for the future of this blog and I hope people will stick around to see them. This small little piece of the internet is mine and everyday I'm improving it on and it makes me really very proud of myself that it's something I've created on my own.

Travel More - I adore travelling to new places, being greeted with somewhere new to explore and seeing new faces (along with old friends). Being in a more central location gives me more of a chance to travel without it taking too long. This year I'd really like to see new places and go and see some of those friends I've been meaning to see for quite some time.

Get On With My Room - Since moving in I've managed to paint it. I want to wallpaper and get new furniture for my room so it can be my perfect little haven. Since I spent quite a bit of my time in it. I can't wait for it to be just right.

Save Money - I'm rubbish at trying to save. Truly. I'd really like to start a savings account, even if I only put £10 every pay day. That's still £140 a year that I've managed to save.

Drink More Water - I'm currently trying to get used to the high amounts of lime, as in the new house we have super hard water. After having very soft water all my life it tastes really quite nasty to my taste buds. I know it's better for the complexion so I'd like to work on trying to consume a lot more of it.

Complete A 365 On My Canon - Last year I did 10 months of a 365 via Instagram. This year I plan on doing it with my 600D and posting it here. Whilst that means I will be posting personal photos daily, I really feel like this is a life and makeup blog. Whilst the mix can be confusing, I pay for the domain and I want to make good use of it!

Read - My Kindle has been on the back burner for a little bit now but I finally charged it up last night and finished a couple of loose ends, when I couldn't sleep. There's so much I want to read but not enough time it would seem. I'd like to make time to lose myself in the joy of reading again.

Sleep Better - My routine has gone off on a bit of a detour of late. Trying to burn the candle at both ends isn't the best idea. I'd really like to go back to sleeping at a decent time though.

That's what I'm working towards to this year and I can't wait to get started.

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