23/365 - Nothing's Ever Black & White.

Things are a bit weird lately. I've been feeling extremely sick and anxious all the time. The reason being eludes me. I put off sleeping last night till about 5AM this morning when I couldn't stay up any longer. I once again found myself stuck in a nightmare that seemed to go on forever. It was another upsetting one that left me a bit shaken when I woke up from it, and still now.

I briefly got up when the postie came. He delivered me a few little bits my Mum had sent me and this delightful phone case from Callum as a bit of a belated birthday present. I'd been eyeing it up on eBay but hadn't yet got round to buying it. I'd never mentioned it so it just reminded me how well he knows me and what I like!

I'm a little bit excited though because I've been planning to go to London pretty seen. Haven't seen Callum for a little while (feels like forever) and we still have Christmas present to exchange! Finally making plans this evening is getting me all excited. Hopefully I should sleep a little better.

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