28/365 - Pizza Rolls.

Last week someone I followed on Instagram (can't remember who, sorry!) posted about making Gemsmaquillage 'pizza rolls' and I knew I wanted to try them at some point.

I didn't sleep too much the night before last so was getting progressively tired as work went on. I needed to eat after work but didn't feel like making much. The perfect time to try these. I Googled the recipe on my break and made a little shopping list of things to get on my way home.

All you do is get a sandwich wrap, put tomato puree on it, sprinkle on finely chopped veg, oregano, seasoning and mozzerella. Cook it in the oven (whilst keeping an eye on it, roll it up, cut it in two and eat! I put red onion, a baby pepper, sweetcorn and some crushed dry chillies in mine. 

Granted, they don't look as good as Gemma's but oh my, they are amazing!

The best thing about these is you can switch up the ingredients and have absolutely anything you want.  They're super simple to make and if you're doing something like Slimming World you only have to syn the wrap.


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