8/365 - Another Goal.

Today my Nan took me to Farnborough to pick up a belated birthday present. Unfortunately for me Debenhams didn't have it so I have to order it online. I bought a couple of other not so interesting essentials such as work shoes and bits for the house. We did have a nice lunch out though.

Today made me realise a new goal which I need to work on and that's feeling less conspicuous with my camera. I take it pretty much everywhere with me but I always feel odd getting it out when there's people around. It's really hard to put into words but for some reason the thought of people staring at me like that gives me anxiety. It's really strange, I know but I need to work on that.

Hence why I've been to a few places with people this year but haven't managed to photo them. It's a real shame to be missing out on some great memories.

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