Barry M Lip Paint - Palest Lavender 129.

Before I started blogging I didn't realise there was such a thing as lavender lipsticks. Perhaps that's because they're a lot more popular now. A lot of people seemed to love lilac lips and I began lusting after them.

I managed to pick up the much coveted Lavender Whip from M.A.C. Since then I've been using it in rations as they don't seem to be re-releasing it any time soon and it was a massive hit.

I've been looking for a replacement and thought this lipstick from Barry M might be the one.

What says:
There is a shade to suit every occasion from soft, shimmering pastels to bold, vibrant colours.

All Lip Paint's have a soft, smooth texture that is packed full of natural moisturisers to help them glide on and stay comfortable to wear for hours.

I really dislike doing bad reviews. I guess it's because different products work differently person to person. There is a lot of hype over Barry M Lip Paints, especially this one and 101 (Marshmallow). After trying this I can safely say I really don't get why people rave about them.

It's such an odd thing to comment on but when I buy cosmetics, I don't like them to smell like cosmetics. I'm sure you all know what I mean. If they aren't sweetly scented like M.A.C, OCC etc. I'd rather just have them not scented at all. This lipstick really does not smell nice. It reminds me of those cheap lipsticks you get in child like makeup sets.

The texture is quite oily and slippery. I retried this whilst writing this review and I couldn't bear to keep it on my lips. Whilst it can be good to have some slip to a lipstick as it stops your lips from drying out too much. I find the feel of this unpleasant.

Pigmentation was pretty mediocre. I had to really layer (and I mean a lot) to get the coverage as pictured. It applied incredibly uneven. I had to rub my lips together quite a bit to spread it out and stop it looking so streaky, though lines are quite clearly still visible.

Honestly I hate this product. I personally wouldn't recommend them but some bloggers swear by them so I guess it just depends what you like. I do suggest going and seeing if you can put up with the scent and the slip of the lipstick before buying though.

It's a shame this product was such a let down as Barry M do some other fantastic lines but this really didn't do it for me.


Where to buy:
Online, Boots and Superdrug

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