Colour Restore Deep Red.

Colour Restore* is something I'd only briefly seen in Boots before I was offered the chance to try it. I've had for a little while now and have been trying out periodically on my hair.

Red hair is renowned for being high maintenance on the upkeep. Red dye has the smallest dye molecules so they don't stick to the hair as well as something like black, which has the largest.

Whilst I use vegetable dyes on my hair (which aren't harsh on the hair), it can get a bit of a pain having to put dye in my conditioner every time I wash it just to keep it looking fresh.

What says:
The red artificial colour molecule is prone to flushing easily from the hair.

Using a concentration of red pigment 'infusions' Colour Restore Deep Red replenishes depleted red pigment levels in coloured hair without the need to use a peroxide or ammonia based colourant.

Simple to use, just rinse through (like a shampoo) to maintain tone or leave in for up to 25 minutes for deeper tonal results. Contains no ammonia, no peroxide and no harsh chemicals.

I left this in my hair for 25 minutes. It goes on easily enough. It has the consistency of the Directions dye I use, somewhat thick so no dripping but easy enough to use.

Then you just simply wash it out, style and treat as normal.

The top photo is right after I did it. The bottom is 6 weeks after application and not a single dye application either. I usually stick some dye in with my conditioner and leave it on whilst I shower, just to pep it up a bit. But for review purposes I decided against this to see how it fared.

This actually worked a lot better then I expected. It left the hair a rich vibrant red to start with that over time became a more deeper shade. Which I didn't at all mind. It still looked really nice and not at all faded. If you wanted to keep the brightness you could obviously use it more frequently.

If I was keeping my hair red this is definitely something I would consider purchasing. It's easy to use and has great results. It really helps to keep red hair red.


Where to buy:
Online and Boots

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