Sabi Hair Removal.

I've never really got on with hair removal creams in the past. I wasn't a fan of the smell and they seemed very patchy.

When I heard about Sabi* and how it had been successful in other countries which was why it was coming to the UK, I decided I'd give them another go.

What says:
Sabi hair removal cream does not just work on removing the hair from the surface of the skin, but goes even further by reducing the appearance of hair re-growth and softening the hair so stubble is less noticeable. This mechanism of action provides you with longer lasting results and helps keep the skin smoother for longer.

Sabi hair removal cream is all it takes to remove unwanted hair from all body parts. Our unique, one fits all formula is balanced with natural ingredients leaving your body smoother for longer. Unwanted hair takes up to 7 days to grow back but when combined with Sabi delayer cream, 21 days between application has been observed. The Sabi cream works by dissolving unwanted hair rather than cutting (shaving) so unpleasant rashes and unwanted stubble on re-growth are limited. Simply apply our moisturising formula onto your skin, wait 5–7 minutes, And remove the cream and hair with ease.

The removal cream still has that typical scent but I don't find it extremely overpowering. It's easy to apply and doesn't leave an odd feeling on my palms after application, like previous creams did.

It gets to works straight away and leaves the skin hair free and super smooth after removal.

The delayer cream is a thin moisturiser that's said to keep hair away for longer periods of time whilst also reducing the appearance of regrowth.

Sabi contains natural ingredients like aloe vera, jojoba and sweet almond oil. These all help to nourish the skin and give you that super soft, silky feeling.

I really love this product for when I have a little more time. I love that this can be used all over your body including your face, you just have to remember to cut the times down because the hair is usually finer and the skin is more delicate.

If you prefer hair removal creams over everything else, I highly recommend this. It does the job easily and helps to leave skin hydrated.

Hair removal cream - £11.99
Hair growth delayer cream - £14.99

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