VIVO Perfect Skin Primer.

Primer isn't the most exciting product to talk about is it? But it's long becoming an essential of mine to help my foundation really hold throughout the day.

What says:
Minimises pores, fine lines and imperfections.

This primer provides the perfect canvas for foundation application helping your foundation stay in place all day. Also minimises pores, lines and imperfections for smooth and perfect skin.

A must have!

I expected this primer to be a creamy type but on first use I was quite disappointed to find it a silicone clear gel. I'm really not  fan of those I persisted on using it just to see if it could change my mind.

The reason I don't like the gel types is I really don't like the way they feel on my skin. They seem to sit on top rather than sink in.

Whilst this primer isn't the best I've used I really do quite like it. It reduces my pores and provides and evenly smooth surface for me to apply my foundation on to. I couldn't say if this helps with longevity as my foundations are pretty long wearing to start with.

If you're on a budget this is a good introduction to primers if you're not sure which ones to go for. This is extremely similar in performance, texture and appearance to primers from pricer brands such as GOSH and Smashbox.

£5.99 / 30ml

Where to buy:
Online and Tesco

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