Wilkinson Sword Hydro Silk.

Something that's always been tedious to me is hair removal. Yaaaaawn. Hair removal is such a chore isn't it? But silky smooth legs has to be one of the best feelings.

Wilkinson Sword invited me to an event before Christmas which I was unable to attend. But the allure of a secret new product that Wilkinson Sword have been researching for 4 years piqued my interest.

After the event I was kindly sent a press release and sample* with the information on what the mysterious launch was. It launched this month and as I've used it numerous times, it's only fair I share the info with you.

What www.wilkinsonsword.co.uk says:
Wilkinson Sword Hydro Silk razor hydrates your skin for up to two hours after shaving.

It has water-activated moisturising serum and 5 curve-sensing blades that adapt to the contours of your body to give you an incredibly close shave.

Wilkinson Sword Hydro Silk razor helps protect your skin from irritation, leaving your skin irresistibly silky smooth.

A little more information from the press release:

Water-Activated Moisturising Serum Infused
With marine extracts and shea butter, this unique serum activates on contact with water, helping to replenish skin’s natural moisture with every stroke. What’s more, it offers moisturising benefits for up to two hours after shaving, for glowing skin.

5 Curve-Sensing™ Blades
Wilkinson Sword’s first five-bladed female razor delivers an amazingly close shave. The five-blade combination is designed to adapt naturally to women’s curves as each of the blades is individually suspended. The blade tips are designed to help reduce the pull sensation of hair being cut, giving you a comfortable shave that leaves skin irresistibly smooth.

Unique Skin Guards
The unique skin guards work in combination with the 5 Curve-Sensing™ blades to help reduce skin irritation. They even-out the skin’s surface to help prevent it getting caught between the blades, providing a unique, super smooth shaving experience.

Before this I was using the Wilkinson Quattro with a Queen Of Shaves gel. It was pretty good and the blades last a good amount of time but it still left my legs dry and I always managed to nick myself somewhere. The only major issue I  had was the head popped off a lot so I had to fish around in the bath trying to find it.

I was sceptical about this. Would it really keep my skin hydrated?

For review purposes I didn't use shaving gel or anything of the like. All you have to do to activate the serum is run it under a tap. So I decided to keep it simple and just use it on wet skin.

To say this was a breeze to use would be an understatement. It glides over the skin wonderfully. Sounds ridiculous I know, I mean we are talking about a razor. But it's so effortless. It picks up every hair, even those tiny awkward ones.

The serum helps the razor glide over the skin. I think using something like a gel alongside this would lose the effect of the serum. Does it help moisturise? Yes! I don't find my legs painfully dry any more. I think that's a lot of the reason I hated shaving so much. It was just torture to my legs. I've also managed to be nick free!

I've noticed after quite a few uses the little white beads of serum (they're hard like soap) have started ebbing away from the outer dot. A handy way to see when to change the head.

The handle has been ergonomically designed to feel comfortably in the hand at many different angles. It's rubberised so it's easy to keep a grip of even when wet. I love the colour, very inoffensive. It's one of my favourite colours. Kind of reminds me of Venus razors. On a side note, I used them religiously as a teen because there was nothing else around that looked good. They were truly awful though. The razors were dead after just a couple of uses and they are ridiculously pricey to replace.

Overall this razor has a massive thumbs up from me. I actually like and look forward to using it. The lack of gel will help me save money and time. I cannot recommend this highly enough.

Razor / £9.99
3 replacement blades / £8.49

Where to buy:
Boots and Superdrug

Boots currently have the razor on offer for just £4.99 until 22nd January

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