33/365 - My Hair Can Get A Lil' Cray.

I'm still getting used to my super short hair. I'm finding at the moment I can wash it of an afternoon and it will be fine for the next morning but even after using Batiste the day after it still looks kinda ick. I only like washing my hair twice a week to maintain my colour but because it usually lasts.

I'm thinking of getting it cut a little shorter on top so I can actually stick it up if I want to. It's a tad bit long at the moment. Perfect way to style my hair if it won't lay flat.

I also can't believe it's February already. I'm really proud of myself that I've managed to keep this project up for a month now. It's a small achievement but it all adds up. Whilst I may not be posting them the day I take them because I'm not currently getting online every day, I'm still really pleased that I've managed to keep it up. Even if others aren't at all interested by it.

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