34/365 - Winter Warmers.

Yesterday it seemed Spring was upon us a little bit. The air was cold and crisp but the sun was beaming. Definitely not time to pack away those winter essentials by any means. It seemed to put everyone I came across in such a wonderful mood.

Today was somewhat more overcast and colder but I spent the day catching up with family and eating a beautiful Sunday roast. It dawned on me when I was heading home that the nights are drawing out. Still full daylight at half 4? Lovely.

According to my phone snow showers are forecast for Tuesday, it's like it knows Tuesday is the only day I care about being dry. But it's going to be fairly clear till next weekend.

On a side note, I logged on this evening to a rather significant drop in readership. Usually this is something that bothers me and plays on my mind for much longer than it probably should. But it sucks when you really work on something and you see numbers dropping.

For once it did the opposite. I put everything into my blog. I do the best I can with the time I have and I am more than happy with it. I know I'm not a 'relevant' blogger but I'm happy doing what I do, it's my little slice of the internet. The little piece I've made mine and is truly me. If people don't like that and can't accept that this is how I am then I'm glad they don't wish to say.

That turned out to be a little longer than expected. I just have a whole ton of stuff running through my head currently. I'm just struggling with putting pen to paper ... Or perhaps fingers to keyboard.

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