36/365 - LDN.

I'm so tired now I'm home and tucked up in bed. I just want to sleep though I probably won't be able to just yet.

I opted against taking my camera. Purely for the fact that it weighs a ton and I didn't want to have to keep going in my bag, then getting it out of it's case etc.

I had such a nice day. I headed to London Victoria this morning. I have a love/hate relationship with travelling. I love the journey but I hate changes. They give me such bad anxiety. I was feeling super sick and antsy all morning. The nightmares about it last night didn't help matters! I did however manage to change perfectly fine at Clapham. Anxiety attack = over.

Callum took me to the typical London tourist places. Big Ben, The London Eye.

I'm trying to remember but my eyes are just wanting to shut.

We went to Selfridges beauty hall so I could pick up a little something from M.A.C. Finally got my hands on the large pro palette, since it's been constantly sold out online since it came out. The SA was a stuck up so and so just because she got the wrong thing. And apparently has no clue what she was selling since she had no idea what I meant. Lord. So off putting to want to spend when you get a bad apple.

We went to Harrods and died. Everything in there is so beautiful (and expensive)! Went to the Science Museum. Did lots of walking, lots of tubing - managing to get on the right one every single time.

My mind is failing me right now but I had such a lovely day/belated birthday. There just wasn't enough hours to do everything. Is there ever?

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