43/365 - Ankle Biters.

I rarely take vertical photos. I'm not sure why that is but I just generally prefer horizontal. Perhaps because you can keep the photo large whilst still being able to view it without scrolling. I don't know.

I had a little bit of a lie in this morning and it was delightful. Nothing too crazy but considerably later than the last week and a half.

I headed into town for a little wander. Decided to wear my DM's out properly, for the the first time. I keep wearing them around the house but it's not wearing them in enough. I was fine until the last quater of an hour or so before we left. They started digging right in at the back of the ankles. Despite the blister plasters and two pairs of socks, I'm still left with evidence that my ankles were having none of it But I won't gross you out and go into detail.

I get home a little after lunch and couldn't for the life of me warm up. I didn't wrap up enough to go to town so I was definitely feeling the chill. I ended up spending most of the day keeping warm in bed, with my kitties and watching lots of movies I hadn't seen yet. Plus catching up on blog reading, Tumblr and snapping a few product photos before twilight was upon me.

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