45 - 48/365 - She Bought A Gun With Her.

I've decided to group my 365 posts together. I didn't really want to but I find they push my beauty related things down the page and I'd prefer they got more views than these sorts of posts.

The past couple of days have been pretty chill besides working a fair bit. I had my last treat before next week - pizza! It was grim though. Such a shame because the few times I've had Pizza Hut in the past it's been amazing but that was eating in.

I depotted my Urban Decay Anniversary palette. I hate big bulky palettes and that one had a lot of unnecessary packaging. I tried depotting it this way but because the casing is hard I had to do it the flat iron way and it stunk because the plastic was pretty chunky. So worth it though, they'll look beaut in my new M.A.C palette.

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